Your Business Is You


I’m writing this one as a thank you to everyone who has donated blood in the past. This time last year I was diagnosed with severe anaemia and needed blood transfusions for the first time in my life. I have always been very healthy, but last year I moved from sunny, relaxing QLD, to cold, busy and stressful Melbourne! I thought I was healthy enough to deal with it, but my body… Read More

My brother was called out to fix a broken sewer pipe a couple of weeks ago. At the time it was quite urgent, but we couldn’t get there until about a week later so they had to wait. When he arrived on site yesterday, he had found out that the man who needed the pipe fixed had just found out that week that he only had a week to live and had… Read More

we have just accepted that we are so busy that it is natural to have some sort of clutter or mess around the home, but with this practice, I found that belief simply doesn’t hold true.

Your mind is very receptive to what you think, believe and feel. When you can be a little more conscious of what you are thinking and feeling first thing in the morning, then that sets your tone for your day.