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Goals 2019

At the time of writing this we are already into our third month of the year. This year is literally flying by (as it seems to when you get older!) I just read my goals that I had set earlier on this year and mostly I’m on track for achieving them with a few areas that need a little work. I feel that it’s important to keep checking in with yourself and… Read More

Once you make a decision to make a positive change in your life, there comes a time when have to decide if you truly want to experience it, or if it is simply just a wish. If you decide that you truly want to experience it, then you accually have to start taking action towards making this happen which is often the hardest step! We all say that we want to experience… Read More

When starting a new project or diving into a new idea that you want to be successful, practicing the 3 P’s can help you keep it real and stay on track!PERSISTENCE, POSITIVITY AND PATIENCE! PERSISTENCE Nothing will work if you don’t stick at it. You have to keep feeding your idea energy in the form of time, effort and money. Stop feeding it, then it won’t grow to a place where it… Read More