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Are you ready to make a positive change this year and just need that extra support to make sure that you stay on track?

As someone who has been through the realities of change, ran many small businesses in a wide variety of industries, and gone from sugar addicted to sugar free with relative ease due to facing a near life threatening stint in hospital and just knowing that I had to change my bad dietary habits…..I feel that I’m in a good position to help people who are truly ready to better themselves.

Over the past 15 years I’ve been working mainly in the natural health industry doing readings, spiritual and theta healings, yoga, Intuitive Balinese massage, and am constantly working to improve myself and my habits. On the flip side, I have also had experience running cafes, online stores, ebay stores, retail shops, logistics and trades industries.
I follow a fairly strict Ketogenic diet (no sugar, wheat or junk!), regular meditation is a daily ritual including classes at my local Buddhist temple which is about understanding the science of the mind, and daily exercise including yoga.
I am always finding ways to help others and to do this, I have to keep bettering myself.

If I’m at all resonating with you, feel free to contact me to book a free trial consultation via Skype, email, facebook or phone.

Namaste, Janine xoxo
Certificate 3 in Small Business, Certified Power Yoga Teacher,
Certificate in Theta Healing, Certified Intuitive Balinese Massage,
Certificate in Reiki, Certified A Grade Electrician, Certified Lineworker…..
(I’m sure there is more and i’ve just forgotten them!) 

Contact me to find out more!

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