Your Business Is You

This is my healthy, Keto friendly, go to curry that I have just about every day because it is so quick and easy to make. All the ingredients are readily available,...

We’ve all been there! A day where it’s just been one thing after another without a second to take a breath. Your brain is wired, its overthinking and analysing the day’s...

So how do you get more B Vitamins into your diet without having to make it a massive lifestyle change? Nutritional yeast has all the B vitamins you need.

When you start focusing on solutions, you start seeing more answers and your mind is able to open up to new possibilities.

Imagine the change you could bring into your life if 80% of your thoughts were positive!

Regular meditation practice can help make you a happier person by allowing you to choose what thoughts you pay attention too and act on.

There are no blue foods naturally occurring in our environment so the colour blue acts as an appetite suppressant.