Thank you for donating blood

I’m writing this one as a thank you to everyone who has donated blood in the past.

This time last year I was diagnosed with severe anaemia and needed blood transfusions for the first time in my life.

I have always been very healthy, but last year I moved from sunny, relaxing QLD, to cold, busy and stressful Melbourne! I thought I was healthy enough to deal with it, but my body thought otherwise! My red blood cell count began to drop significantly and even eating iron rich foods and taking iron supplements was not enough to boost my red blood cell count again. It got to the point where I had to have the transfusions to survive. And not just one transfusion, about 10 transfusions were needed because my body started “attacking itself.” Eventually after changing my diet to the Ketogenic one and removing a lot of the stresses out of my life, I got better, but I still desperately needed that blood to keep me going.

I remember how strange it felt to receive the blood. I remember feeling deep gratitude for all those people who donated the blood. These people I didn’t know and will never meet, but I am eternally grateful for their generosity and giving me the chance to recover and get back to full health.

I know that I’ll be donating blood when I can in a few months or so, but if I can inspire you to give blood (if you can!), then please do. You just never know who you may help. It could be a loved one who will need it in an emergency. Or it could be you. Although I hope none of you or your loved ones need a blood transfusion, I do hope that if you can donate, you do and feel good knowing that you’ve helped to save a life.



Want more info?
Donate Blood So Easy eBook

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