Ready for change but feeling stuck? Try this!

“Life never gives you anything you cannot handle.”

Are you itching to move forward and create a better life but don’t know which path to take, or what option is best suited for you?
These easy but beneficial ideas will help to settle your mind enabling you to see clearly and then know what course of action (or inaction) to take.

1/ Breathe. In order to stop thinking and stressing for a moment, centre yourself in the present moment. Find a quiet space free of distractions and breathe deeply and slowly until you feel yourself calm down. In this space, have a look around at everything you have in life right now. Be thankful for everything that you have in this moment. Gratitude has a powerfully, positive effect on your mind and deep breathing can calm you down in an instant if you let it!

2/Do something new. Go for a drive to somewhere you’ve never been to.
Do that thing that you’ve always been wanting to do but have never made the time for. Get out of your head and just do it. A new perspective is always what you need when you are stuck. ALWAYS!

3/Focus on what you can do. Often when you are stuck, your mind is focused on where it wants to be instead of where it is right now. Know and accept where you are right now and work with that. The more you can start finding little things that you can do, the more your confidence can build, giving you the strength to tackle bigger projects as they arise.

4/Research. Look, discover and learn. Sometimes you just don’t have all the answers yet. There may be more information that you need before you can move forward in life, and the more knowledge you have behind you, the easier the journey will be in the future. Never stop learning and growing- it keeps us engaged, optimistic and open to new experiences.

5/De-clutter. Clean your space, environment and your mind. Get rid of anything that is weighing you down or making you cringe every time you look at it. Create a space that you accually want to be in, even if it doesn’t have everything you want in it just yet, take pride in creating a clean and neat space. Your environment is a reflection of your mind and vice versa. Create a clean, clear and organised space and your mind will mirror that.

When we are stuck in life, we need inspiration and motivation to move. But we also need to believe in ourselves enough in order to take that next big step in life. Be gentle and patient with yourself, knowing that by just doing a little bit each day, you’ll get to a place where you can effortlessly move forward in a positive manner. It truly is the small simple things in life that you can do, which will see you get through this uncomfortable time with ease!
When the time is right everything will come together for you, but in the meantime, you need to keep learning, growing and making positive connections in order to be ready for your success.


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