This will make you smile!

Feeling down? Force, fake, pretend or just make a smile happen and you’ll start to feel better! There is a lot of science around to back this.

When you put a smile on your face (real or faked), this sends a signal to the brain which stimulates the reward system, triggering a release of endorphins, dopamine and the happy chemicals!
The body and the mind work together and by changing your behaviour and your physiology you can rewire your internal world and create a feeling of happiness.
Notice how you are sitting right now. Are you slumped and slouched over your computer? If yes-

Sit up, pull your shoulders back, open your heart, tilt your head to a neutral level, take a few deep breaths and smile!
A genuine smile will engage the muscles around the mouth and the eyes. Now see how you feel!

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Smiling more can make you feel better but there are some health benefits too-

*Smiling has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress and lower blood pressure.

*Smiling is accually contagious! If you have been feeling down, then have a look at the people you’ve been hanging around with! You may be unconsciously picking up their negative vibes! The more you can smile, the more people around you will smile too!

*There was also a study that suggested that people who smile more appear younger than they accually are! That’s an easy way to look younger!

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

  Thich Nhat Hanh
Photo by Pixabay on

Next time you are feeling down, try to force a smile, change your posture, breathe and boost your mood from the inside out.


Janine xx

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