Stressed about finances? Create a budget!

Our minds are wonderful tools that can be used for good or if left unchecked, can work us into an imaginative black hole of worry that isn’t even real!

A lot of us are lucky enough to have some form of regular income from a job, government payment or business. Others, will have income that comes in staggered increments from irregular work or things like share dividends, but generally speaking, you’ll be to average it out over the year and get some idea of what income it provides for you.

Regardless of how your money comes, we all have an income. Therefore, we can all create a budget based on the minimum amount that we are able to earn.

I like creating a budget from this place because it helps to keep it real. It says to your brain, this is what we make. This is where the money goes. If you don’t like where the money goes, change it! By putting facts and figures on a piece of paper or excel doc, it provides a sense of control by allowing you to choose where you put your energy.

First write down what your regular income is per week. Then break it up into sections such as-


Spread your income throughout these sections and if you can put aside 10% of your income into a high interest savings account- do it! It really does make a difference!

What if you don’t like what you are seeing?
Then you know that things need to change! You may need to apply for a better paying job or a 2nd job that gives you the income you need to meet your lifestyle. You may decide that your rent or mortgage is too high and you need to reduce it and find something more suitable for your income.
Whatever it is, your budget is telling you to take action.

A budget will help you to know what action to take in order to reduce stress and get back that sense of control.

Sometimes you’ll do your budget and find that you can afford to get a better rental property or may even be able to look at saving more money to purchase a home if that’s what you want! But you won’t know until you start looking!

Many people fear looking at their finances because they believe that they are spending too much money. But if you are investing your money in the right areas, you may be able to have even more money to spend on what you truly want! You won’t know until you do it!


Need a budget planner?

Your Balanced Budget (Monthly Planner)

A Monthly Budget Planner: Sort Your $hit Out!

Budget Planner: Volume 5 

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