Are you busy for the sake of being busy?

You know that feeling when you’ve got something that you need to do but you really can’t be bothered? We all have these moments, but when it starts to become a habit, then it can be very destructive and can lead to more bad habits which can create more problems.

Being busy for the sake of being busy, can be a form of laziness.
Often there is something that we know we should be doing, but because we are too busy doing the fun things in life, we are accually neglecting the not so fun things in life that are necessary to keep life in balance.

Imagine if you let your washing pile up for weeks on end because you were too busy with work or getting your hair done or taking the dog for a walk. Yes, all these things need to be done and they are important, but one day you are going to have to face that ever increasing pile of washing.
Perhaps you don’t want to do it because you think that you deserve a house cleaner, so you shouldn’t have to do it. Perhaps, you believe that someone else should be doing it rather than yourself. Whatever the reason, there is a negative emotion towards it that is building up in your world and causing problems. The sooner that you can look at the real issue going on, the sooner that issue will no longer a problem.

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One day you’ll get over your lazy mind and will say “I’ll just do one load.”
The way to overcome this negative mindset is to take action and do one small thing towards completing it.
That one task which might seem huge and overwhelming, will become smaller and easier to tackle. Eventually that huge task will be a little thing that you need to do as a normal thing every day. Like brushing your teeth (I hope!) is daily practice for all of us.

Next time you are too busy to do something, ask yourself are you really too busy or are you avoiding it?

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