Understanding your true motivation in life

Often when you are stuck in an area of your life, you have to dig deep to find out why you want what you want.
This may be a new business idea that you are trying to launch, a new relationship or a new home in a different area from the one you grew up in. It can even something small like choosing what you want for dinner which can keep you stuck if you are trying to be healthy but wanting something that you know shouldn’t be consuming!

When you find out what is accually motivating your choices in life, then you have the power to understand, heal and analyse your choices from a more empowered point of view.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


A lot of us know how to meditate on an area in our lives that we need greater clarity on, and for most times, this is perfect and all that we need to do in order to progress forward.
But there are other times in our lives when we just aren’t getting the shift we need and this is when this trick I took from Dean Graziosi’s book Millionaire Success Habits came from, although I have heard of it in other similar forms throughout the ‘self-help’ industry. 

When you want understand your true reason for taking action, ask yourself the question why you want what you are wanting. You ask the question and then keep going deeper from that question 7 times to get to the core reason behind what’s driving you.

For example-

Q/ Why do you want to get healthy? A/ To be fit and Strong
Q/ Why do you want to be fit and strong? A/ Because I don’t want to be weak.
Q/ Why don’t you want to be weak? A/Because I want to be able to take care of myself.
Q/ Why do you want to take care of yourself? A/ Because I don’t want to be a burden on anyone.
Q/ Why don’t you want to be a burden on anyone? A/ Because I don’t want to cause trouble.
Q/ Why don’t you want to cause trouble? A/ Because I feel unworthy.
Q/ Why do you feel unworthy? A/ Because I wasn’t wanted.

Questions and answers will always be different depending on each individual as we have all had different upbringings. A child who was bought up wanted and loved throughout their life, will never have not being wanted as their core driving force but rather may have a driving force around expressing their true self.
Essentially we are trying to get to the root thought that is keeping us stuck. Each thought and experience, creates another thought and experience, and so on. We have to keep peeling back the layers to get to the truth of our beliefs, and discover what is blocking us from achieving our goals.

I feel the practice of asking yourself why, gets to the deepest parts of yourself that really only you can get to. Everything we need is within us and the answers you seek to understanding your true motivation are within you also.

If you cannot find the truth within yourself, where else can you expect to find it?


Understanding and analyzing your motivation or intention before starting any project is always beneficial. If you create from a good, positive place, then your creation will be good! Do the work and you’ll get good results!



Ready to change your beliefs? Here are a few must reads!
Mind to matter by Dawson Church
Becoming supernatural by Joe Dispenza

3 Comments on “Understanding your true motivation in life

  1. I like the idea of going through the 7 questions, if necessary. Finding the core issue of any presenting problem is important otherwise the problem will continue to come up until we do. It’s a bit like a domino effect, once the core issue is understood, everything else falls away and we can move forward. This certainly was true in my case of uncovering the person who sexually abused me, then the vaginal cancer could be healed, and was.

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