Are you on track to achieve your goals?

Goals 2019

At the time of writing this we are already into our third month of the year. This year is literally flying by (as it seems to when you get older!)

I just read my goals that I had set earlier on this year and mostly I’m on track for achieving them with a few areas that need a little work. I feel that it’s important to keep checking in with yourself and what you are trying to achieve on a regular basis. It can help keep you motivated and give you direction and meaning in life. I do like floating around and letting the tides take me to different opportunities too, but generally I feel that having a focus is very beneficial for a sense of purpose and control.

If you haven’t set any goals for the year, then maybe start with just one.
An easy goal that you know you’ll achieve. I think the reason that people don’t set goals is because they don’t want to feel like a failure if they don’t achieve them. Setting little goals helps to overcome this fear. But eventually you should start setting bigger goals to grow, change and challenge your beliefs about yourself. I had a big goal to get a new car last year and it didn’t happen and I felt really down about it for a while, but I just stayed focused and got one at the beginning of this year, so it happened, just not on my time schedule!

Sometimes I’ll set goals that seem completely unachievable but with a little focus and trust, you may just get there. I remember many, many years ago when I wanted to leave my first job and start my own business, it seemed like an absolute fantasy and everyone thought I was mad! (Now it seems that everyone does this!) I pushed through the negativity of what people thought at the time and I eventually achieved it. Yes it cost me a lot but it was totally worth it and I am forever grateful that I did set that goal because it’s made my life so much better than I could ever have imagined.
If you don’t try, you don’t know!

If you have set goals for this year, I recommend getting them out and seeing how you going. Are you putting any energy into achieving them? Have you done research, studied or enquired about how to make them happen?

This year one of my goals was to get into trading shares a little more. At the start the year I chased up some old shares I had in my name and got all the paperwork together so I have all of that back now! I have also done some research on trading platforms, signed up with one and get regular market reports sent to me. So I’m the process of it all happening, and just need to keep learning and taking action when required to start making money out of it!

When I feel stuck with my goals I like to meditate on them to get a clear vision of what I am trying to achieve and why. I may notice new ideas or ways to achieve goals and any blocks (be it mental or physical) that can be identified and dealt with. You goals can always be achieved in some way, it’s just your beliefs that stop you! Keep working on and changing your beliefs and you’ll achieve your goals. Just don’t give up!



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