People are generally pretty nice?

I remember when I did my yoga teacher training, a girl in my class said to me that she was leaving Brisbane to move up to Cairns for work and would have to leave family and friends and start fresh because they didn’t know anyone up there. I said at the time that that would be hard to do. She shrugged her shoulders, smiled and calmly replied “People are generally pretty nice. It won’t be a problem. ”

For some people this would just be a normal thing to say. But for me at that time, I was shocked! I had grown up in a world that taught me not to trust anyone. My first instinct was always to analyse the person’s underlying intentions from a place of mistrust, rather than come from a place of trusting blindly.

I’ve shifted a few beliefs since then, and I do feel the need to stay aware and a little cautious in certain situations, but I have learnt and felt the freedom and harmony created in relationships, when entering situations with a belief that “people are generally pretty nice.” I feel that when you enter a relationship with positive intentions, people sense that energy and mirror that back to you. For some people this is just natural, but for others, this is a massive change in thinking and if we encounter these people, it’s important to understand because not everyone has been lead to believe that the world is a nice place. Their reactions will be different to those who do feel that people are generally pretty nice, so some compassion and understanding may be needed.

We’ve all been hurt of some level at different times in our lives. Some experiences are able to be forgiven and released quickly, and other experiences can scar us for life.
I believe that if we want to be happy, it’s up to us as individuals to have the courage to trust again through working on our beliefs about people and choosing to “show up” in the world.

Relationships have a huge effect on all areas of our life. Including business, family, love and health. I feel that creating good relationships has a massive impact on your ability to be successful in this life. The number one relationship you need to master is the one with yourself which happens through meditation and inner contemplation on your thoughts, beliefs and ideas. The more you get to know yourself, love yourself and respect yourself then the foundation is set to create positive relationships in your life.

These days, I do believe that people are generally pretty nice but that’s because I believe it!


Janine xoxo

How to talk to anyone by Leil Lowndes
What I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey
Over the top– Moving from survival to stability by Zig Ziglar

Must read!
The seat of the soul by Gary Zuckav *25th anniversary edition recommended by Oprah and Maya Angelou.
“The seat of the soul encourages you become the authority in your own life. It will change the way you see the world, interact with other people, and understand your own actions and motivations.”

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