Create success with the three P’s

When starting a new project or diving into a new idea that you want to be successful, practicing the 3 P’s can help you keep it real and stay on track!

Nothing will work if you don’t stick at it. You have to keep feeding your idea energy in the form of time, effort and money. Stop feeding it, then it won’t grow to a place where it can serve you. You’re going to have good days full of inspiration and synchronicities and days where you wonder why you bother. Always keep your end goal in mind and persist until your desired outcome becomes a reality!

Creating anything new with a positive mindset is beneficial to keep things light and upbeat. Imagine creating something with thoughts circling around like “this is so hard” or “why do I have to do this”. It makes the creative process way more difficult than it needs to be and takes all the fun out of it. When those negative thoughts, creep in, catch them and change them to a positive. eg- “Why is this so hard!” to “I am getting better at this and it’s becoming easier all the time!”
The mind doesn’t like change, so you will always get times of resistance and this is when the negative thoughts can arise. Understand that this is completely natural, and if you can quickly change the negative thought into a positive one, you’ll be able to get back into your positive mindset!

Similar to persistence, but with an understanding that things take time without getting anxious, angry or upset about it. Don’t go looking for short cuts because you’ll miss out on beneficial knowledge that only time can bring.
Patience is a virtue, that knows that success comes to those who have done the work, and are a now ready and worthy to receive the rewards that only patience can bring.

Next time that you are creating something, remember the 3 P’s and use them to make the creative process an enjoyable experience!


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