Quick natural ways to calm down after a busy day

We’ve all been there! A day where it’s just been one thing after another without a second to take a breath. Your brain is wired, its overthinking and analysing the day’s events and trying to change things that happened 5 hours ago! When you are completely in your thinking mind, it can be very difficult to calm down and bring yourself back into the present moment to find some peace!
Here are a few tips that work for me-

If your brain is working overtime, sitting down and meditating is going to be difficult which is why a deep breathing exercise may be more beneficial. You can do this when standing up, going for a walk, driving your car, or sitting down too. Take long deep breaths in and count to 5 (or longer), hold for a second and then breathe out slowly for the same amount of time. Repeat as many times as you need to in order to feel that sense of peace arrive.

I don’t have masses of essential oils laying around the home, but I do have the basics that everyone should have! Lavender Oil is a must for calming down, relieving anxiety, restlessness, stress and insomnia. A few drops of this in a bath, a foot spa or on a damp cloth placed over your forehead, can calm you almost instantly!

Ditch the caffeine and choose an herbal tea! There are a number of calming and caffeine teas on the market now, so if you are not sure what to try, grab a Chamomile Tea which some sources say that it relaxes and soothes the nervous system.  If you are not a tea person, then at least try decaffeinated coffee until you calm down!

This doesn’t have to be a marathon or an hour long workout. Simply going for a walk around the block, a quick run on a treadmill, 10 minutes of stretching or lifting some weights can help to put your mind and body in a different space. The research backs this with studies showing that exercise can make you feel calmer and happier. Gentle exercise can also work as a distraction for the mind which is usually just what it needs to calm it down.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Everyone is different and you may have your own little personal “trigger” that acts as a calming mechanism. It may be a song, a smell, the touch of your pet against your skin or that taste of a certain food that triggers that peaceful sensation for you. Once you figure out your own personal calming trick, use that too!

Peace to you!

Janine xo

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