Problem? Solution!

“Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem and 95% of their time on the SOLUTION.”
Tony Robbins

What are you focusing your energy on today? Is it your problems or the solutions to your problems?
Sometimes the difference can be subtle but that small tweak in your thinking can make a big impact on your happiness and success levels.

When you start focusing on problems, you start seeing them pop up everywhere in your life. One thing leads to another, and it’s almost like you are creating more problems in your life just by thinking about them!
There is a heaviness around you and everything you try to do is just exhausting!

When you start focusing on solutions, you start seeing more answers and your mind is able to open up to new possibilities. Your problems don’t seem as big as they previously were. Life starts flowing easily and effortlessly, and things come together for you. There is a lighter feel to life.  

Problems may occur in your life when things need to change. This can often be a blessing in disguise, although that can be hard to see in the moment when you are first encountering that problem!
Think about those people who get really sick with diabetes, autoimmune disease or even some cancers. When these ‘problems’ arise for the person, it often inspires positive change that would not have occurred otherwise. It makes them learn about health and inspires them to make healthier choices in their daily lives. It may make the person value life more and choose to spend more time with the people they love rather than stress about minor things out of our control. We may not like it, but our life is usually better for us on the other side of our problem then it was prior to our problem.

See problems as a chance to grow, change and transform.

When you adopt a positive mindset that focuses on solutions to the difficulty at hand, it can help you to grow and inspire others in the process. Next time you encounter a “problem” see it as an opportunity to grow and focus on the solution!

Namaste ,
Janine xx

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