This one daily habit changed everything!

You wouldn’t think that making your bed every morning would be such a big deal, but when I did it a number of years ago, I didn’t realise what a massive effect it would have.
I first read about it in a post about a Navy Seal who suggested to do it to ‘set the tone for the day.’ I thought, well that makes sense, so I started applying it to my own life every morning.

I am quite a clean person generally but like most of us, there is always room for improvement!

I would say that it took around 30-60 days to get this practice of making the bed every morning into a firm habit. But once it was set, I found that it truly does set the tone for the day.

It is nice knowing that you always get to come home to a freshly made bed instead of a wrinkled mess of blankets and covers! The biggest change for me though, is that it makes you aware of other areas in your life where you can lift your game a little. Now I make it a habit to get the dishes done before I go out in the morning so that I can come home to a nice, clean space. I don’t have to do anything, because I’ve put a little bit of effort in previously to make sure it is nice by the end of the day. This effort is now just a habit, so it’s easy and I appreciate it when I walk in the door!

I think in the past we have just accepted that we are so busy that it is natural to have some sort of clutter or mess around the home, but with this practice, I found that belief simply doesn’t hold true. With a little effort and continual practice, you can be worthy of clean, organised space…..that is your home and that you can be grateful for!
I have also made this practice a habit throughout other areas of my home, business and social areas of life and it just makes you strive to be a little better in everything that you do. The results are definitely worth it!



Are you ready to start changing your habits? Here are a few books I strongly recommend to help-

Habit Stacking by S J Scott
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Breaking the habit of being yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza

One Comment on “This one daily habit changed everything!

  1. Yes Janine I agree. I’ve always been a firm believer in making my bed every day. It’s so much nicer to get back into the next time because the sheets are neat etc. And being grateful for such a lovely, warm, clean space which is rejuvenating sets the tone for other good habit forming.

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