How to stay passionate about your business

I have been lucky enough to help a few people start up their businesses this year and the passion and energy that goes into starting anything new is an exciting and a wonderful feeling to be a part of. When everything is new and fresh, we start visualizing what we can do and how things will be with a positive outlook on the future. We genuinely expect that things will go well. Our customers are excited, and friends and family are there to support us at the beginning drawn in by this super positive energy!

But, this energy will ALWAYS fade, subside and go away. Nothing is new forever. Things change and this is something to be aware of when starting a new business.

Of course it will be fun and exciting at the beginning, but there is still work to do to make it successful. Most businesses require long hours and steady focus and commitment at the beginning to make it successful. This being said, passion and excitement are still needed to ensure success. Here are a few of my tips for staying passionate about your business after the initial high of your new start up subsides-

Watch and learn from other successful businesses like yours-
If they can do it, you can do it too! We don’t always see what goes on behind the scenes of everything we see online and behind the glamor fed to us in the media, but generally speaking, watching businesses who have ‘made it’ in your own industry, will help to inspire new ideas and ways of thinking which you can bring into your own business and make your own. Watching this success allows you to tune into that energy, knowing that it can become a reality. It’s not a fantasy, but a probable reality if you put the work in and stick with it. Use other successful businesses as a tool for inspiration and growth.

Take time out –
You’ve been working days and nights for months on end and still haven’t seen any results. You’re tired, grumpy and this all just feels like work! You are beginning to feel that you should just be getting a “real” job and forgetting about it all! This is always a sign that you need to stop everything and take a break. Close the shop, stop writing and just say no for a few days a give yourself a rest from it all. Go away for a few days, do something that you really enjoy doing, and just tune into that place where the real you lives! From this place, you’ll be able to create from a more positive and meaningful place which brings me to my next point-

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Remember why you started and celebrate your achievements-
Go back that time when you decided to start your own business. Find your whys for starting your business. Was it to help people, to prove something to yourself, to be financially independent, or to create success on your terms? Whatever your reason why, ask yourself, have you achieved it? Sometimes that answer may be a yes! Which is great, celebrate and acknowledge that fact. It’s accually important to celebrate the little milestones that you have achieved. Perhaps it’s a few likes on your blog, or a positive email from a customer who you helped. No matter how small, take time to congratulate yourself on your achievements to stay inspired. But when you have achieved the success in your business that you set out to achieve, this can sometimes be the reason that you’ve lost all passion for your business. If it no longer fulfills your reason for starting it, then you may need to create a new reason for continuing your business.
Say you started your business to create more money. Maybe you are accually creating more money, so on a unconscious level, your mind thinks that you’ve already achieved that success, so you need to feed it a new goal! Create new goals and visions and start finding ways to make this a reality and get your creative juices flowing again!
If you haven’t achieved what you set out to do in your business, then ask yourself why. Is this really what you want to be doing? Are you prepared to put in the hard work for what you want? Do you believe that you can achieve your goals? If yes, how? Sometimes, that may mean a shakeup of the old energy…..

Add freshness-
This may be like starting from new again including rebranding, new advertising, new product, new target market……who knows? But do it from a place of inspiration, excitement and passion! Bring in some new people who can spark new ideas and ways of thinking. Try new things to get out of that rut!

Get a small business coach
Small businesses can often do with a different perspective to help bring new positive energy into their business. Sometimes a new pair of eyes from someone who has been there before is all you need to take the next step. Often you already know what needs to be done, but little fears get in the way and you just need that extra push in the right direction!

Practice gratitude and give more-
Perhaps you’ve achieved financial success and are still feeling uninspired. Switch your focus to how you can help others. When you can help others, this is the true measure of success. It fulfills you on a whole new level that financial abundance cannot do on its own. Material gains can always be taken away which may cause suffering, but when you help others, that may inspire them to also help others and this gift will continue to grow long after you have gone!
Be thankful everyday for what you have, because this too can be taken away at any time. Gratitude is also a gift that you can give others that causes them to give gratitude in their world too.

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If your business is helping others, you believe in it, and you know that you are the right person running it, stick with it! Success will find you!
You may need to shake things up a bit, re-establish your goals, learn more and add some fresh ideas here and there, but don’t give up!


Janine xo
P.S If you have anymore tips on staying passionate about your business, be sure to let us know if the comments section!

Recommended reading-

Winging it by Emma Isaacs

Like A Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School
by Richard Branson
The Tao of Warren Buffett by Mary Buffett and David Clark

Tip-Need some new positive energy? Surround yourself with new ways of thinking! Join new Facebook groups, follow new people on social media and YouTube and see who inspires you to action!

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