A simple trick to help you lose weight (by not eating so much!)

Did you know that studies have shown, that it you eat your meals from a blue coloured plate, then you could eat between 10%-25% less food that you normally would off any other coloured plate!

This idea is based on the fact that there are no naturally occurring blue foods in our natural environment, so we have a natural aversion to it. Yes, there are blueberries, but generally speaking, blue foods are not something we recognise as food, so the colour blue acts as an appetite suppressant. Blue is also a very calming colour that may help us to eat slower.

Colours like red and yellow help to increase our appetite, hence why you’ll see food corporations such as McDonalds and Hungry Jacks use these colours to keep you eating and keep you spending!

If you are doing keto and fasting, then having more blue colours around the environment may help with suppressing your appetite and extending that fast for longer.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I think that there is enough evidence to suggest that this blue plate experiment may be of benefit for a number of people. Even if it’s not a blue plate, get some blue napkins or ornaments to keep around the dinner table and see if you are eating less. It won’t break the bank to give it a try, so let us know how you go in the comments section or if you are doing this already, has it helped you?  


Janine xx

Some blue plate ideas!

Blue Love 8″ Mixed Plates, Set of 4, Ellen Degeneres Collection by Royal Doulton

Boho Traders Porcelain Dinner Plates, Cobalt Blue

Excellanté Blue Melamine Collection 6-1/2-Inch Narrow Rim Round Plate, Blue, 12-Piece

Glass Charger 13 Inch Dinner Plate with Cross-Stitch Pattern – Set of 4 – Blue

Zen Table Japan Japanese Traditional Blue Round Plates Made in Japan 6 Piece Set

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