Why you need to read labels on a Ketogenic diet.

I was in a new health food store the other day and I needed to get some coconut cream for my Keto curry that I love to make!
I had to ask one of staff where it was located because it’s such a big store and she showed me. There was so many options for coconut cream that it was a little mind boggling. She said “which one do you want.” I said I accually have no idea but it needs to be organic and has to have the lowest carbs and sugars possible.

We started going through them one by one and the differences were crazy, even for a seemingly natural product. The carb content ranged from 1g- 5g per serving and everything in between! That may not seem like too much but if you are on a strict Keto diet, those carbs soon add up, especially if you are staying between 30g-50g per day.

It’s not just the carb count you need to worry about, it’s also what little added extras are involved. For coconut creams they may add guar gum and/or preservatives, but you won’t know unless you read the label.

Don’t just assume that because it says “organic natural coconut cream”, that is what’s in it. There may be other things they’ve added that can shoot your carbs up and kick you out of ketosis.

Take an extra 10 minutes when you do your shopping to be sure of what you are buying.


Janine xo

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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