If it’s important, you will find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

Sounds about right! But there is a little more to this.

Our lives can be busy and there will always be an excuse not to do something. We don’t enough time or money or help or we don’t have all the info or “it’s just the way things are.”
These are the habitual thoughts that keep turning over in our mind every single day that keep us stuck in our old programs. Our habits and routines keep us busy and they keep the mind happy because it likes familiarity.

We don’t really like to change.

Often when there is something that we say we really want to do, it causes us to have to alter our beliefs, change our routines, step out of our comfort zone and basically do all the things that makes us change. Even if it is change for the better, our mind likes to be comfortable and to know what to expect. It needs that sense of familiarity to be ok.

Think about if you wanted to lose weight and had to change your diet and you couldn’t eat sugar. Think about all the chocolate you couldn’t eat. All the ice creams, sweets, desserts and cakes you’d be missing out on.
Now think about having a truly healthy body, feeling fit and amazing and inspiring people. Now, a lot of people would say that they would choose health and happiness over the sugar, but in reality, the habits of eating the delicious sugar loaded food that you have eaten since you were little, is a pretty strong habit to change. That change is something we truly need to stay committed to in order to be successful. We have to be all in, or it simply won’t work, or it won’t work for long.

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

No matter what it is, when you do decide that you truly want something and make that decision to change in order to get it, NO MATTER WHAT, your mind will get out of the way in order for things to manifest for you. You truly will find a way to make those things that you have made a priority, become a reality.
All excuses will go out the window because your focus and energy will be on what you truly want.

If something is important, YOU’LL MAKE THE DECISION to make it happen. No excuses can get your in your way. IT WILL HAPPEN!

What is important to you today?
What are you making a priority?
What are you focusing on and why?
Have a think, and take action!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Janine xo

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12 Rules for life by Jordan B Peterson

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