It’s easy to become distracted from your goals and just fall back into your old negative habits. Those habits may not even be that negative, but they are still habits that keep you stuck in your old ways and don’t help you to move towards your goals.

In order to keep moving towards your goals, you must make it a priority everyday to take inspired action.

I find it beneficial to have little daily reminders around, helping me to keep my mind on track towards where I am heading in life.
These little reminders can be alarms on your phone with a positive message, little notes and quotes around the house and on your mirrors, even little subtle reminders like having water bottles in front of the kettle to make you think about making a better choice like drinking water over a coffee!

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As helpful as these daily reminders are, you still need to take action! You can have all the reminders in the world going off at you, but if you don’t take action, nothing will ever get done, and things won’t change for the better.

That being said, use your reminders to help inspire you to take action.

If you are using a vision board which may be a digital one or simply a white board or cork board that you can attach photos and positive quotes on, make sure that you have your reason for wanting that desire there too. If it’s a new car, have places you want to go included with that car because you can travel more now that you have a comfortable, reliable vehicle. Maybe your reason why is for extra room for your growing family. Make sure you include a happy photo of your growing family there. Have an image of what you want, but also include your reason why. This makes it more realistic to the mind and helps to shape a better picture of how your life will look. And if there is an action that needs to be taken, add that to your reminders, set an alarm, write it down and do it!

Perhaps you are trying to lose weight and need to exercise and eat well. First thing, remove anything that doesn’t support you staying on track for achieving that goal. Obviously you can’t get rid of your junk food eating kids, but you can get rid of the junk food, and you can minimize your exposure to the advertising by shopping online for your groceries or shop at health food stores. Keep healthy magazines around, subscribe to health channels on YouTube and watch them regularly, cut up carrot sticks or other healthy go to snacks if you are craving. Set yourself up for success by creating an environment that supports your goals. But again, know your reason why. Maybe it’s to be a better role model for your kids, maybe you don’t want to get sick, maybe it’s just to feel better about yourself and see what you can achieve in life! Whatever it is, attach your why to your vision and you’ll have a better chance of achieving it. Your action may be going to the gym or signing up to a class. Put that in your reminders and make it a priority. No excuses!

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Other things I recommend incorporating into your daily life to instil positivity and a focused mind include-

Meditation morning and night.
Gratitude morning and night.
Exercise, doesn’t need to be a lot, just 10 minutes here and there to get out of your head.
Spend some time in nature.
Keep your space clean and declutter. Your space is a reflection of your mind, it should be spotless!

The purpose of going after your goals, whatever they may be, is to become a better person. Your habits are what makes you who you are. Don’t give up if you slip back to your old ways. Be gentle with yourself, and just get back on track. Stay focused on your goals by creating an environment to be successful, staying motivated everyday, and knowing your reason why you want to achieve success. And most importantly, take action!

Namaste, Janine xoxo

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