Transformation using meditation.

I’ve mentioned previously, how so many successful people credit a daily practice of meditation to their success. Meditation allows them to tune within and access something greater than the physical world can offer, and that is the ability to CREATE their world around them. It gives them greater control over the physical world because they KNOW where they are going and have found a way in their mind to make it happen.

There is a lot of scientific research to support this, especially in the area of neuroscience. There was a study done on basketball players. One group was told to shoot free throws every day for an hour for 30 days and a 2nd group still went to the court, but was told to just visualise making the shots without accually physically throwing the ball. There was a control group that did nothing.

The first group improved by 24 %, the 2nd group (visualisation group) improved by 23% and the 3rd group did not improve.

Yes, with studies, there may be some other factors come into play that can impact results, but this is rather profound given that just by thinking and visualising making the shots, it had almost the same impact as physically doing the task. Your mind, thoughts, feelings and beliefs accually do impact your physical world experience.

I’m sure in your own world, you’ve had experiences where you saw and felt something so clearly in your mind. You knew how to get it, you knew the steps to take and the people or materials that you needed to make it happen. Then your subconscious mind came into play and helped to put all the pieces together to make it a reality.

Scientists say that when we visualise with strong feeling and emotion we help to create new pathways in the brain circuitry which is essentially the same as when we do a task physically. In other words, get what you want clear in your mind first. See it and feel it play out mentally. Go through the steps and the mental actions in your mind. Once you know how to do it in your mind– then take action. Meditation with feeling and emotion will help your visualisations because you can stay fully present and focused on your desire or goal, which will help manifestations come about quicker and easier.

A regular meditation practice will help make this a reality everyday and you can literally map out your awesome day ahead! Don’t give up on meditating and visualising, because just like most things in life, practice makes perfect! The more you do it, the easier it will get and it will become a success habit that you’ll be glad you started!

Here are a few books I highly recommend checking out to improve your meditation and visualisation practice, no matter what level you are at.

Beginners Meditation
Breaking the habit of being yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza
You are the placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza
Ask and it is given by Abraham Hicks
The experience of insight

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