Ketogenic Diet for Health and Autoimmune disease

There is a lot of information online about the Ketogenic diet because it works for so many people, including myself. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease earlier in 2018, which put me in and out of hospital for a couple of months, I knew I had to change my diet. After doing a lot of research in the areas of leaky gut, organic eating, natural therapies and general nutrition, I found that the Ketogenic diet seemed to be the way to go for health reasons. I was confronted with so many cases of people healing and overcoming their autoimmune diseases that I just had to try it.

There were different ways of doing Keto and for me personally, I didn’t eat meat, except for fish on occasions, and I generally ate of heaps of vegetables and salads and then a lot of breads, pastas, rice and of course chocolate and sweets.

My motivation for starting keto was to stay out of hospital to avoid chemo, which the doctors were trying to make me have to stop by body from attacking itself caused by an autoimmune disease known as Cold Agglutinnins. I told them to give me 3 months to get my diet right and then we’d check the blood tests and make a decision.

So for me, I kept my salads, vegetables, fish and cheeses as my base, and then it was time to add in some more healthy things because I had to get rid of breads, pastas, rice, cakes, sweets, sugars (all the good things!)

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What I added to my diet was nuts, avocados, chia seeds, fermented vegetables (for gut health- a must to help improve the immune system), eggs every now and then, coconut milk, creams and oils and then and I kept trying things to see how they worked for my body.
Once I had healed my gut and my health was starting to improve, I could very occasionally (once every 1-2 months) incorporate some organic sourdough bread, organic corn chips and a few other things here and there. Everyone is different, so I encourage you to try different things!

After just a few months on this diet, my blood results were like night and day. My body was not attacking itself as much and my immune system was obviously repairing to the point where the doctors said I didn’t need to do chemo.
I also didn’t feel anywhere near as hungry as I was on a carb based diet and I truly did have more energy!

Nutrition wise, I am always adding things like nutritional yeast on my salads for B vitamins, probiotics (cheeses, kimchi etc), avocados and cream of tartar for potassium which is essential for building healthy cells and pink Himalayan salt for electrolytes.

The other game changer was incorporating Intermittent Fasting , so basically I eat 2 meals a day between 12-7pm. This timeframe changes a bit, sometimes I need to eat 3 meals, sometimes, I’ll only eat 1, but it’s great healing for the body and mind. Mentally it puts you back into control of your food, and physically, it helps to stimulate autophagy, cleaning out the old cells in the body and stimulating the growth of new healthy cells.

My most recent blood tests came back pretty much normal and I don’t need to see the doctors as much. The doctor even said that maybe I didn’t even have an autoimmune disease in the first place because I show no signs of it now! More importantly I feel pretty amazing most of the time. If I am feeling a little groggy, I know that it’s because I’ve had too many carbs and just need to fast a little longer or reduce carbohydrate intake.
There is so much good info out there if you need advice and I highly recommend Dr Eric Berg, Thomas Delauer, Dom D’Agastino and Logan Sneed.

I hope my story helps in some way for you, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you want more info.
I’ll be adding more Keto tips, recipes and ideas soon.

Namaste, Janine xo

3 Comments on “Ketogenic Diet for Health and Autoimmune disease

  1. Great article Janine. We all have to find what works best for us and it looks l like you did. Well done!


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