No time exercise? Just 5 minutes every day may be enough!

Apart the mental benefits of doing something good for yourself everyday, getting your blood pumping, increasing dopamine (feel good chemicals), and creating good habits, there is also some research coming through to support this.

A 2016 study showed that just 10 minutes of high intensity exercise lowered blood sugars and could improve cardiovascular health. This was done on men who led a sedimentary lifestyle, but if it works them, who says it can’t work for you?

Something, is always better than nothing when it comes to physical health. Your body wants to be moving, connecting and flowing.
We all know how it feels when you achieve something and I believe that when you commit to and make a habit of regular exercise, no matter how little, that it will have a positive impact on your life in same way, and then you can continue to make more time for your workouts. You’ll know if you are getting results. Try it for 30 days. Commit, set a reminder on your phone and stick to it and see what happens!

*Don’t like high intensity workouts? You’ll still get benefits from low impact exercise like Yoga, Qi Gong, walking, Tai Chi and just a simple stretching routine. Repetition, breathing and a positive mindset is all that is required!

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