Low cost physical marketing ideas

When it comes to marketing your business, especially when you are just starting out and want to test the waters, here are a couple of ideas to help you get started.

Business cards

Yes, all businesses need business cards, but rather then just keeping them in your car or in your handbag, make sure you are regularly getting them into the hands of your clients. Sounds simple right? Well, I can assure you that many people just hold onto them, including myself before I knew better!Say you got around 250 business cards (cost around $10-$20 delivered), kept 50 or so in your car or handbag and made it a priority to get the other 200 business cards out to potential clients.The list is endless on how to do this, but a few ideas of where to place your cards are -community noticeboards, local letterbox drops, leaving some at cafes, shops, gyms and other small businesses, meetup business groups, community groups and so much more. Just keep “hustling” and getting your name out there.


Although you can use your business cards as flyers on community notice boards and letterbox drops, you can also make your own flyers for greater impact. Depending on your level of creativity, you can really make a call to action quite engaging with a well presented flyer. There are people who can do this for you (fiver, freelancer, gumtree may be helpful here) or if you can do it yourself, and then the only cost will be the printing which is relatively quite cheap. The legwork is just getting the flyers out there which can do yourself or pay or trade with someone to do that for you. The more ways you can engage with your community and get your message out there, the better your level of success.

Talking to people

How many times have you gone and got a coffee and been wondering how do I get more clients? or Why isn’t my business growing? Your customers are everywhere. In the real world and on the internet.You need to keep working on your ‘pitch’ on a daily basis and keep making it sound as natural as possible. Engage with people when you are out, even if it’s just getting coffee or stocking up on some food. Ask them genuine questions about their day, find out more about them and if the opportunity arises to in the present or in the future, then you can use your pitch.This is a free way (maybe the cost of a coffee that you were going to get anyway), of connecting with potential clients and as long as you keep it genuine, you may make some great friends or find people who will support you whether it is in business or not….so you really have nothing to lose using this method!

Most importantly, keep doing what you love to do and in one way or another, you’ll be rewarded!

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